1. My excitement was caught up in the excitement of the partners in ministry that I would have been living/communing with.  I’m not sure that I really ever had true excitement for myself.
  2. I didn’t pray enough and even though I had peace about it, I didn’t know for sure.
  3. When I did pray and found that God was telling me that if I was meant to go that things would work out and go smooth for me to do so then it would be good.  For those of you who don’t know when my house sold, it did not go smoothly and it ended up closing several weeks after the original closing date.  Also, my contracting job at the bank ended in May where initially my boss had said it would be extended to August.  She withdrew that offer.
  4. God has a plan for me being a missionary. I just wish it was right now but who knows it could be 30 years from now and I pressured myself into doing this because I wanted it to be now.