Part of me wants to say that God didn’t teach me anything today. The reason I say that is because I still desire to have the companionship of a woman, one woman specifically.

However, I know that first statement is false because God speaks through his creation. It just depends on whether you’re listening or not. Today, I listened because I”m not finding much hope anywhere else.

I think maybe just maybe I started to grasp what being by myself could look like. Again, I don’t like the idea but I heard whispers of ” you can do it today.” I began to listen to the whispers for a little while and began to believe I could do it.

Being by yourself doesn’t mean you always have to be alone. God has created other people and animals such as dogs that need us and can be there when you’re lonely. If I had to be by myself, I’d concentrate on things/people//maybe owning a dog.

He also has created so many places and things to see. Why not enjoy the freedom and Himself while admiring all these great things around the world? Would it be nice to have a partner who is also human to do this with? Sure, but God is certainly capable of holding up his end of showing his love and care for you and for me.

I don’t think that life is going to be easy being by myself but at least for right now, He(God) belives and I(myself) believe I can do it.