I think I’ve always had a decent amount of compassion for people.  Although some of that may have been taken away based on working in retail for years.  But all the same, I still generally care for my neighbor and would love for everyone to have joy, be blessed, and most of all know the creator of the universe.

I just returned from a retreat at Mepkin Abbey monastery and there are going to be a lot of things that I write about in the coming weeks but I want to begin with two quotes from Richard Foster and his book Celebration for Discipline.  The first quote is “Like Jesus, we must go away from people so that we can truly be present when we are with these people.”  The second being “The fruit of solitude is increased sensitivity and compassion for others.  There becomes a new freedom to be with people.  There is new attentiveness to their needs, new responsiveness to their hurts.”  Both of these quotes became very true to me after this retreat.  I have a huge desire to be present with my community and other people going forward.  I also feel a new sensitivity/ compassion towards people in general.  Everywhere I go now it seems like I’m praying for people who walk by with a limp or who look angry or sad.  However, my real desire to to pray “with” these people and listen to their stories regardless of how hard it may be to hear.  I’ve also noticed a desire to actually talk to others and getting them to talk more about themselves and not going away feeling like I talked about myself too much.  And last, I feel a renewed freedom to share with my community on a deeper level.  I feel like God is definitely doing a work here.

My problem has always been expressing or putting this compassion into action.  For the last few months, I’ve been screaming inside to do something/anything for God  I’ve used many different excuses such as “I can’t do this alone” or “I don’t know what to do” to “I don’t have enough faith to do that,” etc.  I’m needing to go ahead and just do this and jump in.  How? Well, I know some people who do street ministry or I could just randomly pray for someone.  I ask that you pray with me for the the right opportunity and that God will give me grace and I will be able to jump in and “Just do it.”