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I believe that your dreams can be good and God inspired and that he uses them for things.  However, if you rely on them too much then it’s not going to do you any good.  For example, in my last blog I mentioned that I wanted to go to Peru and do all this stuff and bring a team down there eventually.  I still believe that these are dreams and desires he has given me but I also think I was trusting in them too much and not trusting him to mold and shape these dreams.

God’s plans for your life are so much bigger than you can imagine or think and when you concentrate on one or two dreams he has given you then you end up missing something. Before I went to Peru, I thought the Lord was saying, give your dreams and desires that I have given you because I’m going to do something so much better if you just trust me and the plans I have for you.  I wasn’t completely comfortable in giving them up right away but ultimately decided that he knows best and most likely he’s going to use my obedience.

The second thing I felt like I was being told was be faithful in the small things and you will be rewarded with much.  Don’t wait and do something that you feel like God called you to do but do what is in front of you first.  If you are obedient in serving and doing the little things, he will be able to trust you with the bigger things.  It seems like a simple biblical concept but I think that its truly a great thing to put into practice.

Look, I know that God has a humongous plan for my life and he may or may not include the dreams and desires that I’ve had so far.  However, I also know that if I trust in him, he’s going to end up blessing me and trusting me with much and it will always blow my mind that he loves me and wants to include me in his work.  I want to be that guy!  I want to be like Jesus.  I want to be the guy that goes when somebody needs to be sent but I also want to be that guy that stays and cleans the toilet if that’s what needs to be done.


Nuclear Bomb Dream

The dream that I had involved Paulo and I having a nuclear bomb in our possession.  The dream starts with us coming out of a jungle and being chased my “bad” guys.  We end up making it to an airport where the flight deck is like an aircraft carrier where the planes just take off or there is water.  We don’t have a plane so Paulo and I jump with this nuclear bomb strapped to my back in a book bag.  We hit the water and we end up having to swim for a long time.  We end up getting to some land but then have to climb up a steep hill/cliff.  As we get to the top, we walk through some trees and end up coming to a house.  Outside of the house is a couple of kids playing and such and then we end up meeting an older lady(grandma) who invites us in.  She is very hospitable and from what I remember we didn’t even have to tell her what we were doing there. She kind of already knew and just gave us some drinks and maybe food I can’t remember.  We asked her if there was a phone or anything to contact somebody and she said no politely.  She said just listen to me and started telling us where to go to get where we needed to be.  She pointed in a direction and said thats the way.  We started off again and thats where it ended.