It’s one thing to know God was fully human and fully God through Jesus Christ his son.  It is another to know and understand that Jesus knew and experienced our same emotions.  I don’t normally think of Jesus being depressed and lonely.  At times, he was rejected, broken, mocked, and despised.  Jesus knew the Father and he was within the Father just as he is within us.  I feel like he knew what to do with those emotions because knowing the Father.  If we know the Father and press into him while we experience any of these so called negative emotions, I think we can come out of it much quicker because we will know how to deal with them.  We will be able to recognize that his love covers us and he wants to lavish it on us.  It’s like real life, you can love somebody from afar but if they are right there before you, you can really love them and show it.  The Lord wants to be close to you.  You can always look to Jesus as an example because he experienced the things we experience, he experienced human life.