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We arrived in Cusco early Thursday morning because we couldn’t get all three flights in one day.  I was to excited to go to sleep and therefore may of slept somewhere between 30mins-hour.  The airport is very small in Cusco and soon as we got our bags we had to find the missionary who was picking us up.  We didn’t see him and so we tried to call but couldn’t figure out how to dial yet.  We walked outside and then saw Ricky.  Ricky had a giant smile on his face and I knew he was the one even though I had never seen him in my life.  All I have to say about him is that you could tell he had Jesus right away.  We then drove to his home which wasn’t very far from the airport (Thank God since we had been traveling for 19 hours).

Upon arriving at Ricky and Tracie’s house, we met Tracie and their two kids Isabella and Milan.  They provided breakfast to us, talked a little about the trip in, and recommended that we get some rest.  We then went to our rooms and took a nap of about 5 hours.  I woke up and began to feel a slight headache and contributed that to the high altitude(11,000 ft compared to Charlotte 751ft).  I eventually took some Advil and was back to normal.  Ricky and Tracie then began to tell us over lunch what they do as missionaries and some of the stories of their last few years there.  You could tell immediately that the work has been hard and they have had some tough times getting this ministry off the ground.  They needed help, need help now, and will need help because they are having to move back to Chile based on a eye sickness that Tracie has that is caused by the high altitude.  They proceeded to take us up the mountain and show us the church and the land around the church.  From the church, you can see the entire city and man you could just stand there and pray for it for hours I think.  On the way back to the house, we went to the Plaza de Armas (center square of the city).  The route we took we went by one of the catholic cathedrals and we saw that they were having a party/festival complete with mass alcohol, food, and people being wasted and going to the bathroom on the side of the road.  Apparently, the catholic churches allow this kind of thing to go on often and many people are alcoholics in this region.  So on the first day, we saw a huge need for God to do something and save these people.

Friday was the morning soccer game and we went and played with Ricky, Jorge(has the call to be the pastor there), and a bunch boys from the neighborhood.  We played for a little over an hour and then shared a soda drink with all the kids.  I had a awesome time playing even though it was hard to play because of the high altitude(less oxygen).  When we went back to the house this time, we stopped by the supermarket for a few things.  While we waited outside for them to pay, Paulo saw a painter  and started a conversation and invited him to church.  Paulo impressed me on this trip on his willingness to just talk with people and show his kindness to everyone.  When we got home we just began to build the relationship with Ricky and Tracie and the 2 kids.  We ate three small meals a day and just loved being at the table together.

Saturday consisted of youth group and we met with approximately 8-10 teenagers.  Jorge talked about true biblical baptism and had the youth answer questions and participate very well.  We also sang a few worship songs and at the end Paulo and I just said a few things to encourage the youth.  Ricky and Tracie really have started the church because of their kids and youth ministries.  They tried to grow the church the traditional way of doing events and things and nothing worked until they just started with the kids.  It’s very important that they pour into the kids so that the new generation can tell the older generations.  They said that they can have up to 100 kids sometimes on Saturdays.  The youth can have 20-30 and the adults can have about 30.

Church on Sunday was an amazing experience.  Just to sing and have communion with others from the body of Christ more than 3000 miles from home was incredible.  The message was about the adulterous woman and how we should not judge others because of our own sin.  Before the message though Paulo and I were able to share our testimonies for about 15 minutes.  It was easier than I thought it was going to be but that’s probably because I had my Iphone and Paulo was translating.  It was the first time I had actually told my testimony to more than 2 people at a time so I was pretty nervous beforehand.  After church we went to eat at this chicken place.  Awesome!  We then went back to the house to pack because Ricky and Tracie suggested we take the trip to Machu Picchu.  We had set up the trip on Saturday and one of the tourist guide shops.  This reminds me of our taxi ride to go set up the trip.  Paulo was talking to the driver and found out that he was having health concerns with gallbladder stones.  Paulo asked him if we could pray for him and he said Yes!  We laid hands on him and prayed right there before we got out of the taxi.

After packing we headed to be picked up by the taxi to the tourist shop.  We were then picked up by another taxi that took us to the longer out of town taxi place.  After getting in this car we then began our crazy/interesting car ride to Ollanytambo so that we could catch the train.  When we arrived we had a few hours to spare so we explored the town, ate dinner, etc.  We took the train at 9 to Machu Picchu the town and went to the hotel where Ricky was able to recommend.  It was a pretty nice place but we only got to stay about 6 hours before we had to get up and head out to go the top of the mountain.  When we woke up to leave it was already pouring down and we were told it would be sort of dangerous to hike up but we chose to anyway.  I sort of regret this decision now but at the same time I don’t.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, read my blog about the hike.

Machu Picchu is truly deserving of its wonder of the world status.  It is a beautifully constructed place made by the Incans in the 1500s or so.  We were able to learn quite a bit by taking the english tour guides tour.  After the long day, we heard that the town had some hot spring pools.  We weren’t sure if we could go or not because we had already checked out of the hotel but they allowed us to use their bathrooms and change and held our bags in a secure place.  We went up to the top of the town where they were located and were able to spend about an hour before we had to leave and get ready for the train back to Ollanytambo.  We took the train back and when we got out to find our ride back I was instantly freezing because of the rain coming down and me wearing flip flops.  I didn’t have a change because my shoes were soaked from the morning.  Well our ride wasn’t there right away and we going to have to wait like an hour with no bathroom whatsoever but then they told us to get in this other bus van.  OH MAN!  Another crazy ride!  This guy hit a speed bump and all the baggage in the back fell out the door.  He proceeded to put it back in and then keep driving.  I’m glad I was in the back because apparently this guy was falling asleep driving and swerving and doing crazy stuff all the way back to Cusco.  I just know the Lord took care of us that night.  We were taken to different plaza in the city and had to catch another taxi to the house at like 2am.  I was so cold again I was relieved when I climbed in the covers.  Praise God I didnt get sick.  Tuesday was Valentines day and we were able to sleep in because of the previous night but we again just had a good day with our new missionary friends.

Tuesday is small group or bible study but we had to go on our own because Ricky and Tracie had a date :).  I think it was planned this way because after the study was over, God told us to pray over each person that was at the church.  Paulo would begin to pray and give words and I would just pray and then God would give me words for these people(which i needed translated but all the same).  God was defining the roles that these people were going to have in this church so that they could continue growing.  I was so thankful that God gave me a word for everyone of those 8 or 9 people because I thought I was going to run out.  Lame I know.  I should trust him and know that he isn’t going to leave anybody out.

Wednesday was the day we had to leave for Lima.  We packed up and gave our gift to Ricky and Tracie.  It was truly bittersweet to leave because we enjoyed our time there but we also knew that God was going to do more.  They prayed for us at the house and then we prayed for them at the airport.  We prayed that God would truly give them rest in this coming season of moving back to Chile and discovering their new roles.

Overall, Cusco was truly an amazing experience. We saw a huge need there and we really have a passion for it.  Please pray with us as we pray that God will put Cusco on people’s hearts to go there.  Please pray for Ricky and Tracie and also Jorge and his wife.  Please pray that people take on their roles and the church continues to grow.


It’s time to pray

Everything is pointing towards prayer and preparation in my life right now.  I know God wants me to come and find that space with him.  Why is it that I’m so hesitant to do what he wants and ultimately what I want to.  I guess its just because I’m apprehensive about having intimacy.  But why would I be that way?  This person , this God, is perfect.  I need to have the faith that he will be gentle and that I will be ultimately be so much better after.  God, I love you, I’m coming for you and we are gonna get this right.