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Discovered Identity

I am not even sure how this happened although I think it was a combination of your prayers and God just lavishing his love on me.  For many years, I heard what I was in Christ and the privilege it is to be a child of God but I always only understood to a certain point.  It was almost like, I knew who I was and then I lost it during that time in my life and then I found it again.  No, this time I can tell the difference with the way I feel, speak, and interact with people.  Something clicked or switched on in Peru and I began to feel an overwhelming boldness, confidence, and peace in my Spirit.  I walked around secure and confident in who I was and what I was doing.  I didn’t think about what others thought about me and I was okay with rejection and conflict for once.  I didn’t really experience either of those two really but knew I would sometime in the future.  Suddenly, the verses 2 Corinthian 5:17 and Romans 8:15 made sense.  I truly am a son of the living God and he has given me the ability to do so much and proclaim his name throughout the ends of the earth!  Thanks for praying for me and this is the first of many blogs to come from the trip!


It’s time to pray

Everything is pointing towards prayer and preparation in my life right now.  I know God wants me to come and find that space with him.  Why is it that I’m so hesitant to do what he wants and ultimately what I want to.  I guess its just because I’m apprehensive about having intimacy.  But why would I be that way?  This person , this God, is perfect.  I need to have the faith that he will be gentle and that I will be ultimately be so much better after.  God, I love you, I’m coming for you and we are gonna get this right.