The dream that I had involved Paulo and I having a nuclear bomb in our possession.  The dream starts with us coming out of a jungle and being chased my “bad” guys.  We end up making it to an airport where the flight deck is like an aircraft carrier where the planes just take off or there is water.  We don’t have a plane so Paulo and I jump with this nuclear bomb strapped to my back in a book bag.  We hit the water and we end up having to swim for a long time.  We end up getting to some land but then have to climb up a steep hill/cliff.  As we get to the top, we walk through some trees and end up coming to a house.  Outside of the house is a couple of kids playing and such and then we end up meeting an older lady(grandma) who invites us in.  She is very hospitable and from what I remember we didn’t even have to tell her what we were doing there. She kind of already knew and just gave us some drinks and maybe food I can’t remember.  We asked her if there was a phone or anything to contact somebody and she said no politely.  She said just listen to me and started telling us where to go to get where we needed to be.  She pointed in a direction and said thats the way.  We started off again and thats where it ended.