So I just wanted to thank the people that read my last blog from Germany.  I’m not sure how you found my small little blog but thanks for liking my last post.  This really is just a continuation of what I wrote in my last post.

Again, it’s time to pray!

God is calling each one of us to find our Narnia so that we can engage with him and have intimacy with him and know him.  If you have ever experienced the true presence of God then you know how sweet it is and that you never wanted to leave at that moment.  However, we look at prayer these days as un-sexy and not worth doing.  People, it is worth it.  He’s worth it.  He will never let you down and he is going to show up.  Even if he isn’t speaking, he’s walking with you and sitting there with you.  It’s not about requests.  It’s about how he is the Father and that he wants us to come to him as his children.  Let’s become kids again and know that he wants to bless us and he want’s to show us that he is the Father and he will show up and help us.